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Construction Shrink Wrap

Shrink Wrap for Construction

Dr. Shrink is the worlds’ leading manufacturer of shrink wrapping materials and equipment for the construction, commercial industrial and marine industries. Distributed throughout the UK and Europe by Marine Components International, you are guaranteed a superior level of service.

MCI exclusively offers supplies for scaffold shrink wrapping, industrial encapsulation and marine shrink wrap. We also provide all manner of training to ensure our customers get the very best out of the products we supply.

The Dr. Shrink’s vastly superior products are used in the field by our own approved installation teams. Subjected to the harshest environmental conditions, exceeding the demands of the toughest projects and providing protection & containment where our competitors cannot.

Dr. Shrink’s Shrink Wrap can be utilised for wrapping objects and structures of any size! The sheets can be welded together with the same easy method as you use for shrinking the product. This provides the customer with 100% encapsulation and full protection – no holes or gaps in tarpaulins and scaffold cladding.

Here at Marine Components we are so sure you will prefer using the Dr. Shrink product over its competitors we’ll even offer to refund any test purchase that fails to meet your expectations. This service must be arranged with one of the team prior to ordering, and is limited to test size samples and rolls.

Shrinkable Scaffold Cladding

Dr. Shrink’s scaffold shrink wrap is a ‘drum tight’ sheeting system for scaffolding, designed to stay fixed and create the most efficient, effective containment and weather protection available.

Feedback from a couple of our regular customers:

We’ve been using shrink wrap for construction applications over the past 10 years, everything from temporary workshops and storage to scaffolding wraps. Previously we used a product manufactured in South East of the UK which gave us all sorts of problems, mainly with the quality consistency. We would find a high proportion of the rolls to be below the stated specification causing all manner of blow-through and welding failures. The Tuf-Wrap we used previously was, by all accounts totally inferior. Since using Dr. Shrink’s product from MCI those issues are a thing of the past, every roll we receive is identical to the last, every job goes as planned and most importantly – every customer is happy with a safe, reliable, well protected structure.

Spencer Williams
Managing Director, Complete Construction

Dr. Shrink has been a real cost saver for us, with previous sheeting materials we were forever returning to sites needing repair of replacement sheets, Since Dr. Shrink came on the scene we’ve not visited the same site twice – apart from the odd occasion where we’ve been asked to wrap further parts of the project! We spend more time getting jobs finished and working with happy customers. I would thoroughly recommend Dr. Shrink to any like minded construction professionals.

Managing Director, IAIS Properties

With testimonials like that, can you afford to use anything else?! Dr. Shrink – making work a happy, drum-tight place to be!