Innovative Mooring Solutions

Boatasy specialises in developing and manufacturing innovative products for mooring and docking.

Used by many yachtsmen across the globe, Boatasy's solutions simplify and improve safety and speed up mooring from on-board boats. 

The range includes a telescopic boat hook which enables automatic attachment of loop lines, ensuring a fast and easy way to attach or release docking lines whilst remaining onboard. Boatasy has taken a completely innovative approach to the design process of a boathook, creating a modular solution that enables safe and speedy mooring or docking whether a buoy, dockside cleat, river pillar or med-mooring, the Boatasy is the only solution you need.

The Boatasy Dockhook Boathook can be combined with the Boatasy Hooklinker enabling a quick mooring experience to a buoy or dockside ring, whilst the Boatasy GHOOK is the ideal ‘Med-Mooring’ solution and allows you to pick up and transfer mooring lines without the need for handling the rope, keeping hands clean and safe. The GHOOK can be used on its own or with the Boatasy Dockhook Boathook, creating a complete mooring solution pack.

In addition, Boatasy have developed a rope cleaner, for cleaning overgrown and dirty ropes, extending their life and quickly breaking down and removing marine growth and dirt, leaving your ropes and lines looking like new.

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