A World Leader in Shaft Seals

Lasdrop has been the first name in marine dripless shaft seals since 1975

Widely used by both commercial and recreational boat owners in the USA, including the US Coastguard. They offer very high quality products – all of which incorporate a cutlass bearing within the shaft seal to ensure correct shaft alignment.

The Lasdrop Difference – Many boats have a stuffing box on their propeller shaft. The stuffing box actually has to “leak” to stay lubricated. This can be an environmental hazard, as water pools in the bilge, it can get contaminated with oil and fuel from leaks and spills. This unclean bilge water then gets pumped into our waterways, polluting the environment.

Lasdrop DriSeal
Lasdrop TriSeal

A World Leader Shaft Seals

Our Lasdrop shaft seals eliminate this problem from recurring. Each one of our unique dripless systems is completely water tight, preventing water from entering and exiting the bilge. Used in place of stuffing boxes, our seals allow spills and mishaps inside of the bilge to be cleaned in an easy, environmentally responsible manner.

Easy to fit, you can choose from the DrySeal, Original Bellows the innovative Gen II or the TriSeal.  All Lasdrop Shaft Seals are manufactured and engineered entirely in the USA, using only the highest-grade materials. Lasdrop utilise advanced engineering practices to design and produce the finest shaft seals available worldwide. Our goal is to ensure water does not enter the bilge and stays outside of your vessel.

Please contact us for further details on our range of products.

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