Marine Shrink Wrap

We can cover entire boats (60’+) with one single piece

Dr. Shrink is the worlds’ leading manufacturer of shrink wrapping materials and equipment for the marine, construction, commercial and industrial industries. Distributed throughout the UK and Europe by Marine Components International, you are guaranteed a superior level of service.

MCI exclusively offers supplies for all manner of Marine protection and containment, from Jet Ski’s and tenders to Offshore Cruisers and Super Yachts – Dr. Shrink has you covered. MCI can put you in touch with an approved installer, or provide training to your in house installation team – affording you a fast and efficient installation of the very best product for the job!

All Dr. Shrink films are 100% recyclable, making Dr. Shrink’s protection and containment solutions the most environmentally friendly of options.

Boat Shrink Wrap
Ships shrink wrapped

Dr. Shrink manufacturers all the products you require, whether you are looking for protection during transportation and delivery, temporary protection during the fit-out season or sealing and protection during winter storage – We’ve got it all – MCI aim to fulfil all orders from stock, held in our warehouse on the south coast and available on a next day basis if required.

Our shrink wrap creates a drum-tight, bonded ‘skin’ that dispels all the common concerns with traditional covers. Tarpaulins can detach from fixings, blowing around and causing damage during transport. Even with expensive custom fabric covers, it’s almost impossible to get a fit taut enough to withstand the forces involved when travelling at speed, causing the cover to move around resulting in damage to the vessel, and also to the expensive custom cover. Shrink wrap is the most durable and versatile of protection systems available, you can cover almost anything and Dr. Shrinks’ wrap will outlast all of the competitors with ease. Offering superior elasticity and puncture resistance, giving you a smart, professional finish. We also offer a full range of Fire Retardant films, approved to the toughest of EU and US standards.

Dr. Shrinks products are used in all locations worldwide, regardless of environmental conditions. Dr. Shrink’s film can be found protecting containing all sorts of applications from Alaska to the Bahamas, the Soviet Union to the Mediterranean.