Revolve-Tec Rollable Technology
Rollable Boat Hook & Emergency Antenna

The next generation in rollable composite technology

Revolve-Tec innovative manufacturer of next generation rollable composite technology, creating market leading marine products, including a rollable boat hook and emergency antenna.

Revolve-Tec marine products

Revolve-Tec utilise patented rollable composite technology leading to an innovative approach to the design of their rollable boat hook and emergency antenna. Manufactured from a robust and lightweight bistable rollable composite material, this next generation material has a truly unique multi-layer construction, which enables it to be stored in a small roll, maximising storage space onboard. When unrolled for use it forms a strong, durable, tube-like structure.

Products include the Revolve boat hook, extremely light and compact, 1.9m in length when unrolled and available with brush heads and other accessory mounts, the revolve boat hook rolls down to just 11cm x 12cm for storage. It is the ideal boat hook for yachts, ribs, dinghies, jet-skis, and other craft with limited storage space or those wanting to reduce onboard weight. The high performance Revolve marine emergency VHF antenna with AIS compatibility comes complete with a SOLAS approved strobe light and is wrapped in a high-viz material further aiding location for emergency services, packing down to only 11cm x 13cm it can be easily stored onboard or within a grab bag.

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