3D Forward Looking Sonar

Industry Leading FLS

The 3D Forward Looking Sonar is one of the best proven Forward Looking Sonars. The FLS 3D displays a 3-dimensional representation of the underwater scene ahead of the boat. The seabed terrain and potential hazards are shown, for the first time, with unparalleled realism.

The FLS 3D comes with twin retractable transducers to ensure complete forward coverage whatever the hull form. The view ahead is 60 degrees in the horizontal plane and over 90 degrees in the vertical plane. The forward range is up to 200 m and 100 meters depth.

The Transducers comes in two sizes: 5” and 10” depending on the size of the hull. The transducers come with three different types of skin fittings to ensure they will fit any type of hull. You can choose between Bronze, steel or aluminum depending on your hull.

The importance of Forward Looking Sonar Technology is the depth to range ratio. The FLS 3D Forward Looking Sonar has a staggering 20 x depth ratio! This means that you will see 100 meters ahead with only 5 meters of water underneath your boat. This is the highest ratio in Forward Looking Sonar Technology!

The FLS 3D Forward Looking Sonar has the ground breaking technology of Real-Time Forward Looking Sonar. The display updates every one second so the captain will always be updated on the seabed terrain and potential hazards ahead. The FLS 3D is also designed as a black box to work with any existing display that has a video input.

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