Industrial Shrink Wrap

Premium quality to ensure long-term, reliable protection.

Dr. Shrink’s Industrial shrink wrap is a stronger and more durable solution that meets all requirements for protection and containment when it comes to transport and storage. We distribute the industries finest product in rolls sizes up to 15.24m/50ft (competitors only up to 14m), catering for the largest projects in the most efficient fashion, covering products our competitors cannot in a single sheet.

Dr. Shrink’s film is heat shrunk with a propane powered heat gun, creating a drum tight, tear resistant covering over any shape imaginable forming a taut, bonded skin which outperforms conventional covers, such as tarpaulins that tear with ease and can become detached during transport and cause damage to the one thing you are trying to protect. Shrink wrap is a single use product, intended for recycling after use to make the solution environmentally friendly. No need to call our repair companies or return damaged product incurring downtime and extra costs associated with servicing and maintaining re-useable covers.

Industrial shrink wrapped area
vehicle in shrink wrap

Our film is the most long lasting, highest performance product on the market, which provides the most cost effective returns. Dr. Shrink created the formula which other supplies try to emulate, including their UV inhibitors and ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) to retain its elasticity and prevent the film from becoming brittle when used in long term applications. Containing anti-static and flame retardant additives making it the safest of films to use.

As with most things in life, you can’t beat the original and we have found the imitations out there are always of lower quality. Known problems we hear of from our customers who have used these other brands, even those manufactured here in the UK, include; Inconsistent product, thicknesses vary hugely between rolls making application extremely difficult because the product does not do what you are expecting it to, it’s like learning to use a different product each and every time you go to a job. Becomes brittle, anything over 6-8 months has needed replacing. Shreds and tears too easily, loosens over time; again needing costly servicing and replacement.

If you are still unsure if this solution is for you, why not check out our Benefits of Shrink Wrapping page.