By sailors for fellow boaters

Designed to self-launch and self-stow on most bow-rollers

Easy to Use – using a Rocna Anchor just couldn’t be easier. Rocna is a true multi-purpose anchor that sets in all ocean floors without any special tricks, giving maximum versatility. Combine this with its self launch capability and instant set and you have an anchor that just about anyone can use.

Instant Set – the design of the Rocna Anchor ensures that it lands on the ideal angle for penetration. Rocna’s unique chisel tip & weight distribution then combine to ensure a virtual instant set in most sea bed conditions including thick weed and kelp.

Ultra High Hold – through careful design the Rocna is able to achieve a greater blade surface area than its competitors. This combined with its concave blades creates a holding power that is best described as outstanding. Rocna is also resistant to wind and tide shifts and simply uses a chisel action to stay set and hold.

Environmentally Friendly – Rocna uses no lead in the tip. In addition, the instant set and ultra high hold result in minimum dragging and less damage to the seabed.

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Rocna Anchor