Leading Dorset-based maritime equipment specialist Marine Components International (MCI) has won a new deal to supply A60 fire dampers for two new offshore support vessels (OSV) being built in Asia.

Poole-headquartered MCI said it was the first export deal it has made for the fire dampers since it was awarded the global rights to distribute the range by London-based manufacturer BSB. MCI won the new contract in partnership with Australian HVAC specialist Marine Airflow International based in Queensland.

MCI managing director Andy Scott said MCI’s knowledge and experience of complex marine equipment regulations helped it win the work for the OSVs which are due to operate in the wind farm sector and are the first in a series of eight to be built.

Marine Components International managing director Andy Scott

Marine Components International managing director Andy Scott

“We are delighted to have won this new-build contract in Asia,” he said, “Drawing on more than 20-years experience of the regulatory environment we have been able to answer many questions for the customer explaining how the A60 range carries all the major international certifications. These include approvals from the US Coast Guard (USGC) Safety Of Life At Sea (SOLAS) and the European Marine Directive (MED). The regulatory environment is a tricky area and the customer wanted absolute clarity on how and what certifications applied which other suppliers were unable to provide.”

Andy said another key factor in securing the work was the speed of supply.

“BSB is a well-established manufacturer of A60 fire dampers and offers a remarkable turnaround of orders,” he said. “This is typically within 10 days for custom items, in an industry that usually takes between five to eight weeks.”

Mr Scott said fire dampers are a very important product as A60 fire dampers are a mandatory requirement on all SOLAS-compliant OSVs and vessels over 500 gross tons and they are also fitted on smaller vessels, including yachts, which have ventilation air ducts running through fire-resistant bulkheads. He said for OSVs and yacht builders, the A60 type are ideal as they automatically meet Lloyds Register Approval to IMO Fire Test Procedures Code, Annex 1 Part 3 for Class AO, A15, A30 and A60 division bulkheads and decks.

Mr Scott said a key feature of BSB fire dampers is their ability to contain a fire quickly.

“The BSB fire dampers are extremely well-made and consist of a set of steel blades within a steel frame and fit in ventilation or air-conditioning ducts where they pass through major bulkheads,” he said. “When excessive heat or smoke is detected they snap shut to cut the flow of air and help prevent the spread of the fire. BSB’s A60 fire dampers are available in either circular or rectangular models with duct sizes ranging from 100mm to 1000mm for standard items. Custom orders are also readily available with a quick turnaround. Each unit is fitted with an IP54 rated electric actuator with a high level of protection against dust or water ingress. Integral to the actuator is a thermal fuse which activates the damper when the temperature reaches 72 °C or receives a closure signal from the smoke detection system. The unit also incorporates a fail-safe feature, closing the dampers in the event of a power failure. The hollow metal blades are aerofoil in section, allowing better airflow when the ventilation is running, but which fishtail into an interlocking shutter when facing a fire. The blades expand to a tighter fit as the temperature rises and are also side sealed against smoke. A BSB damper system can be operated strategically if needed from a central fire control panel to assist in an evacuation.”

Elsewhere, MCI has also just appointed AllBoat Services in Plymouth as its dealer for Bennett Marine trim trab products in the South West of England.  Andy said AllBoat Services will be carrying a broad range of stock and will offer strong technical knowledge to assist with all types of installations.

MCI provides specialist import, warehousing, distribution, sales and technical support for marine equipment manufacturers including Bennett Marine Trim systems, Data Hidrolik windlasses, hydraulic and steering systems, Lasdrop Shaft Seals, Groco quality marine hardware, ROCNA anchors and Dr.Shrink shrink wrapping.