Wind Instrument RB

SailTimer Wind Instrument RB™
with Replaceable Battery

Wireless and solar-powered. For boats of all sizes.

No wires to install down your mast. Works with lots of great Android/iOS apps (no other screen needed). Or use Air Link below for NMEA wiring to chartplotter/MFD. Comes with all mounting hardware needed. You can even raise it on a halyard without lowering or climbing the mast!

Innovations in this new model:  Carbon-fiber pointer arm to reduce weight, with battery inside the nose cone for counter-balance. New injection-molded tail. Ceramic miniature ball bearings to prevent corrosion. Transmission range of 280 feet (85m) for even the tallest masts.


Precision fit.  Built to last.

You’ve never seen a masthead anemometer like this before. This innovative new design has a digital compass and all electronics in the wind direction arrow itself.  The arrow knows which way it is pointing;  no calibration with the bow of the boat is necessary.  Solar panels are used as the tail of the wind direction arrow, inside a hermetically-sealed shell to make the entire unit submersible.  The shell is clear, to allow the sun to charge the solar panels inside.

Miniature ceramic ball bearings that can never corrode, and move the wind cups and wind direction arrow in even the lightest breeze. The battery is the counter-balance in the nose cone. An engineering achievement that is waterproof, has moving parts, works outside year-round in hot UV rays and cold temperatures, and generates its own renewable energy.

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